News: The Foos is Loose

The Foos is Loose

Foosball At UnderStory

Studies have shown that involving play in your workflow is directly related to better productivity, not to mention higher creativity. 

We fully embrace this concept in our studio. Our usual game of choice? Foosball. You could call it pure passion. Or full nerdery. Whatever you prefer. But we take our foosball seriously. We play every day. We even have monthly "Booze & Fooze" events to enjoy a Friday afternoon with some friendly competitive fun along with a few craft brews.

You won't find any Tornado tables here (the common 3 goalie-style layout). We have a classic 3-5-2-1 player formation table – in our opinion, the only way foosball should be played. To up the smack talk ability, we custom painted our players as a mash up of popular classic characters from films, tv, comics, music and beyond. So when you score, your player does it with their own unique style (and optional catch phrase). On our table, The Hulk faces off against Superman. Batman and Robin are a dynamic defensive duo facing off against a trio of strikers led by The Joker. Han Solo and Chewbacca lead the defense on the other team with Mr. T (or Clubber Lang) backing them up on goalie duties as he faces off against power striker Rocky Balboa's trio of forwards. Other characters include The Terminator, Ron Burgundy, Elvis, Pirate, Ronald McDonald, Harry Potter, Homer Simpson, Pee Wee Herman, Fred Flintstone, Cookie Monster, Dracula, Ninja, and Michael Jackson. 

"Play is the highest form of research."
– Albert Einstein

We have plans to customize our table even further, so there is more to come! If you'd like to get a game in or just want to check out our studio, contact us and let us know! We'd love to have you. And even better, we'd love to work with you. May the foos be with you!